How to Use Davinci Vaporizer IQ

Despite being only the 3rd latest release from its makers, Davinci IQ is one of the top portable vaporizers available in the market. Great looks, brilliant performance, and the 18650 removable batteries are their prime selling factors. Those who have been using the Davinci Vaporizer IQ for a while would be convinced by the easy to use tag given to Davinci Vaporizer IQ!

Using a Davinci Vaporizer IQ is super easy, all you need to do is grind your weed in, turn the machine on & set the power, and you are all set to go. Though there isn’t much you need to know, there are some tips we can give on using the Davinci Vaporizer IQ like a pro!

Before we dive into discussing how to use the Davinci Vaporizer IQ, you must have a good understanding of the product & its features. Let us begin with a brief review of the product & its features.

What’s in the Davinci Vaporizer IQ box?

Don’t be surprised if you feel you have been delivered with the wrong product because the packing doesn’t look all conventional.

Keeping the instructions manual, warranty card, and the invoice aside, we have 3 little boxes inside the Davinci Vaporizer IQ

  1. A carry can
  2. A water adapter, also known as an extended mouthpiece
  3. An accessories box containing a USB charging cord, a DaVinci key chain which can also be used as a tamper, a cleaning brush, and 9 alcohol-wipes for cleaning which is very uncommon in a vaporizer pack.

Features of Davinci Vaporizer IQ

Precision temperature control

If you have been using a vaporizer long enough, you would already know that different herbs demand different temperatures for different healing effects. For instance, you may need to vape at higher temperatures for pain management or other therapeutic uses. Whereas, you would want to take it slow and steady at lower temperatures for recreational use.

This is something Davinci IQ has taken care of in the product. Its precision temperature control feature lets you adjust the temperature for maximum efficiency depending on your purpose.

Smart Paths

Finding the right temperature for maximum efficiency can get tricky, especially when you are a beginner or someone who uses the vape for different purposes. And sometimes you don’t want to deal with the hassle of adjusting the temperature.

This is something Davinci IQ has addressed in the product with their “Smart Path” feature.

They have come up with 4 pre-set smart paths (temperature ranges) and all you need to do is select a path. The smart paths start from a low temperature and once you are vaping, it will slowly boost increase the temperature by itself so you continue to get a steady flow of vapor.

It’s one of those killer features you will be dying for. Whether alone or vaping with friends, without any hassle, a smart path takes care of it all.

The four pre-set temperature ranges:

  1. Smart Path 1 (350°F- 370°F)
  2. Smart Path 2 (370°F- 390°F)
  3. Smart Path 3 (390°F- 410°F)
  4. Smart Path 4 (410°F- 430°F)

Bluetooth App

Like all portable vaporizers, DaVinci also has an app that lets you communicate with the vaporizer. But unlike the other vaporizer in the market, you don’t need to use the app to control the vaporizer. In this sense, the vaporizer is not dependent on the app.

You can change the temperature, select a smart path, adjust brightness, engage boost mode and check the device battery using the three buttons in the IQ.

Then what does the app do?

Yeah, you can fully control the IQ with the app but that’s not everything. The app has a dashboard that lets users see the view the vaporizer statistics in real-time and a built-in library having tutorial videos on everything you would need to know while vaping.

USB Charging

What makes DaVinci IQ the best portable vaporizer is its USB charger. Unlike the other products with fancy chargers, DaVinci IQ can be charged easily increasing its portability.

Replaceable Batteries

Say you were to go camping or someplace remote, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to charge the vape. All you need to do is carry a pair of extra batteries to replace the drained one!

Enough with discussing its features. Now let us dive into the heart of the matter!

How to use the Davinci Vaporizer IQ?

Safety first & the first thing you need to do is to sterilize the IQ. To do this, turn on the IQ and set it to its highest temperature and leave it as such for 10 minutes (a full cycle). We suggest you repeat this process a minimum of three times for proper sterilization.

Grinding: Remember, the quality of vape is all about how good the grind is. Grind the herbs fine enough to be evenly vaporized but not so fine that it flies through the screen.

Loading: Open the bottom lid and you can see the ceramic heating chamber inside. Using a scoop, tightly pack the oven with the grind that you have made. Ensure that you don’t pack it tight that it restricts airflow.

You can choose to set the desired temperature or use the smart paths, and you are all set to go!

Cleaning the IQ

Ensure that you clean the IQ every time after you use it to maintain the quality of vaping for a longer period. You will see a decline in quality once you begin reusing the device without proper cleaning.

If you were to ask me, I would say the ceramic oven is the one that needs the most cleaning. The oven should be cleaned after every use to keep it safe from staining. The mouthpiece, gaskets, and flavor chamber should also be wiped clean with an alcohol wipe.

Also, the gaskets at the top and bottom end, and the under portion of your flavor chamber need a thorough cleaning. If done, you are good to go with the next vape.


Davinci Vaporizer IQ comes with a 10-year warranty with replaceable batteries offering longer life. Having replaceable batteries comes with the added advantage of making warranty claims a lot easier. Being our most recommended product in this class, we have listed them at the best prices on our shelf. Check the latest deals here.

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