How to Use Arizer Vaporizer

We all know the advantages of Aromatherapy. How soothing the entire therapy lies in the fact that after having it, you’ll get rid of all the unwanted stress and anxiety. Also, it majorly prevents different types of respiratory issues.

However, you will not prefer to step outside every time you want to feel relaxed after a tiring day, isn’t it? Then, in that case, you can consider using Arizer Vaporizer as a device to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy, and in easy steps! 

When searching for Arizer Vaporizer, one of the trending and advanced technology devices is Extreme Q. It is undeniably one of the flexible devices in aromatherapy, which has a steamer, a potpourri warmer and an essential oil diffuser in all. 

It’s a compact design, which is in-built with a lithium battery and that is what makes it an ideal pick for those who travel extensively. You can easily carry them along with you wherever you go to enjoy its exceptional advantages. Furthermore, the design, battery and other units of this device are built keeping in mind the durability and reliability while highlighting the ceramic heating components. This ceramic heating component keeps you away from unwanted toxins that are harmful to your health. 

If you are looking for an Arizer Vaporizer, you can check out our website because we provide product assurance to our customers along with a guarantee of a quick fix or product replacement in case of any issue with the Arizer Vaporizer. 

There are different Arizer Vaporizers that you can utilize. However, some of the popular ones are:

  • Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer
  • Arizer Solo 2
  • Arizer Argo
  • Arizer Air 2
  • Airizer Solo

How to Use Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer? 

If you are looking for Arizer Extreme Q to utilize it as an aromatherapy device, follow the below-mentioned steps but place your blend or essential oils into the Cyclone Bowl. And then, turn the fan on low or medium speed, which is beneficial in spreading the fragrance throughout the space utilizing the whip. 

The most effective method to utilize Extreme Q Vaporizer with a Whip: 

  1. Plug in the Extreme Q 
  2. Either use remote or the LCD screen to set the temperature 
  3. Allow the unit to warm up for at least 15 minutes 
  4. Utilize a spice processor for your blend
  5. Spot the mix in the Cyclone Bowl and put the bowl on the warming unit 
  6. Associate the elbow of the whip to the Cyclone bowl by turning it into place 
  7. Breathe in gradually and profoundly. In case the vapor is excessively hot, take a stab at breathing quickly! 
  8. After each four to five draws from the mouthpiece, stop and go through the stirrer to blend your mix. This will assist with guaranteeing that the natural mix you have chosen is completely vaporized
  9. At the point when completed, allow the bowl to cool and empty it at the same time. 

NOTE: You can turn the fan on to vape with the whip utilizing constrained air technology. 

Step by step instructions to utilize Extreme Q Vaporizer with a Balloon Bag: 

  1. Plug in ARIZER Extreme Q Vaporizer 
  2. Either use remote or the LCD screen to set the temperature
  3. Allow the unit to warm up for 15 minutes 
  4. Crush your natural/herbal blend
  5. Append the smaller than usual whip to the sack by sliding it into place 
  6. Place the mix in the Cyclone Bowl and put the bowl on the warming unit 
  7. Interface the small whip to the Cyclone bowl by turning it into place 
  8. Turn the fan onto the high 
  9. Trust that the pack will fill 
  10. Turn the fan off 
  11. Separate the small whip from the bowl and then from the sack at the same time 
  12. Keep your finger over the mouthpiece until you are prepared to breathe in the vapor.

How does Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer work?

Arizer Solo 2 is almost the same as its older version in which vaping can easily be done with the help of a glass mouthpiece. When you purchase this device, you’ll get a set of glass tubes in different sizes. Hence, it is an easy task for you to pick the right glass tube according to your preferences. 

If you are planning to vape through a glass tube, a detachable one, then it has its own advantages and disadvantages. Once you have chosen the glass tube size, you can pack it up with the mouthpiece with herb and begin flare it up. 

Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer starts working when you hold the Menu button (yes, that OLED display button) for at least six seconds. If you want to adjust the timings you can do that as well (just keep it either 4 seconds or 8 seconds). Afterwards, the device will start heating up and within the 30 seconds of time, it will begin producing vapor. 

As and when the Solo 2 Vaporizer is ready to use, it will display it clearly on the device in tandem with the battery lie and temperature that you have set. Adding to your knowledge, this device supports a temperature of 50 to 220 degree Celsius that you can even adjust directly from the Menu button. 

Whatever the temperature you set to produce heat and vapor, it’s absolutely your choice.

To know more about other Arizer Vaporizers, pros and cons, and other such details, you can get in touch with the professionals of Aroma-Tek for the best and quick guidance. 


To conclude, these are the top Arizer Vaporizers along with the right guide to using them appropriately. You can buy the one according to your preferences and requirement from Aroma-Tek as they are providing premium aromatherapy devices at cost-effective prices. Otherwise, if you are still not sure, Aroma-Tek industry experts can help you to pick the right device for you.

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