How to Clean Davinci Ascent

DaVinci Ascent is the best thing that happened in the world of vaporizers. It boasts features that are unheard of in a typical vaping device such as the ability to be used with dry herb and oils, a built-in motion sensor, programmable vape cycles, and so on. 

Knowing how to clean the ascent can enhance the quality of experience it provides. This is why below we have discussed everything you need to know about keeping your vaporizer clean and tidy. We’ll also touch upon some cool features of DaVinci ascent. So let’s dive right in!

What is DaVinci Ascent

For the uninitiated, it is a portable vaporizer available in the market. Its performance is appreciated by even the most critical connoisseurs due to the longer vaping sessions, thick vapor, and high-quality experience it offers. The unique features coupled with the superb service provided by DaVinci company made ascent an instant hit in the market.  

As it is made up of fragile components, people are often worried about its maintenance and cleaning part. Read on below to get a holistic idea of how you can do a great job in keeping it shiny and tidy!

How to clean DaVinci Ascent

The cleaning depends on the way you use this device. If you’re more into dry herbs, it would be a cakewalk for you. In any case, we recommend doing a proper cleaning once in a while, let’s say once after every 6-7 sessions. Follow the below-mentioned points to get a better idea!

  1. Make sure you have all the required paraphernalia

So before beginning make sure you have all the equipment, and apparatus ready for doing the job. You’ll require things such as isopropyl, high-proof grain alcohol, paper towels, and running water. Try to arrange a pyrex dish too, as it’s ideal for dealing with glass items. 

  1. Remove the glass components

Now you need to dissect the whole vaping instrument and take out components such as mouthpiece, stem, herb trench and place them in a pyrex dish. Ascent has done a great job in making these pieces easily detachable for cleaning purposes. 

  1. Pour high proof grain alcohol or isopropyl on the components

Isopropyl alcohol contains antibacterial properties and is used with water for a myriad of uses. Once you get hold of it, pour it into the pyrex dish and submerge all the components mentioned in the above points. This would kill all the microbes and loosen up the isohash present on the items such as stem and mouthpiece. If even now the isohash isn’t gone, try removing it by pipe cleaner. 

  1. Dry the components and put them under running water

Take out all the components from the alcohol mixture and dry them off with a paper towel or cloth. Now put the components under running water to get rid of any residual alcohol. Once you are done with this process, you are free to put the cleaned components back in the ascent. 

The process is the same for cleaning exterior parts of the vaporizer. Just take a clean, soft cloth and put some alcohol on it. Carefully rubbing the ascent would remove all the dirt and debris and make it bacteria-free. If your vaporizer is used by multiple people, or if you took it to some party or get-together, cleaning should be your priority. We suggest taking out some time and sanitizing your vaporizer regularly to avoid any sort of infection spread which is common after sharing the vaporizer with multiple people. 

Best features of DaVinci Ascent

Having discussed the cleaning methodology, let’s discuss the remarkable aspects of this vaporizer that have got its many fans worldwide. 

  • Lovable size

DaVinci ascent comes in a size that makes it pocket-friendly. You can carry it anywhere without thinking twice as it fits inside the pocket like your smartphone. The portable size is complemented by lightweight which adds charm to the product.

  • Ease of heating

It takes only 50 seconds to heat the vaporizer and reach the exact temperature you wish. As it comes with a huge chamber, you can enjoy vaping for a longer time than usual. 

  • Good battery life

All the good features of a product are overshadowed by poor battery life. After all, what purpose would the device serve if we can’t take it out of the charger socket? The folks at DaVinci considered this and made a terrific lithium-ion battery that runs around 70-90 min and gives surety of a long session. You can also connect the device to a car charger and vape on the go!

  • Ease of use

A great product can be used by anyone with reasonable intelligence. It is this principle that makes Smartphones easy to use by a person of every age, no matter how small or big they might be. DaVinci comes with only a few sets of buttons, instructions, and settings. The buttons would offer you a distinct experience but they are limited enough to not complicate things. 

  • Accessories that make it a complete product

DaVinci has made sure the user gets a wholesome experience. This is why they provide a great set of accessories such as 2 internal glass components, 2 glass mouthpieces, a carry case, 2 glass oil jars, a cleaning tool, and your standard wall charger.

  • Warranty to keep you worry-free

2 years, yes you get a 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. DaVinci understands the value of the investment you make and seeks to protect the same through its comprehensive warranty.

Buying the best DaVinci Ascent

We hope the above points about DaVinci ascent were helpful. Now if you wish to get home this product full of happiness, do check out our store, Aroma-Tek. Our team does the required quality checks to deliver only the best products to your doorstep. We look forward to associating with you!

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