Title: Why DaVinci IQ is totally worth a try in 2021!

The vaporizing industry is undergoing a great many alterations, transformations, and most importantly, advances in recent years. Nevertheless, the industry is today recognized as a quintessential sector over and above the cannabis plants as well.

Marijuana smokers are showcasing an increasing trend in recent statistical reports. A major proportion of these are today more aware of the side effects of the regular intake and are seeking healthier alternatives to the traditional smoking ways. This primarily includes taking herbs through a vaporizer.

Today, the market is swarmed by several brands making a mark for themselves among the topmost vape manufacturing parties. One such well-recognized product is the all-new DaVinci IQ.

It is a leading dry herb vaporizer easily available in the market. Using the latest Smart Paths technology, DaVinci has probably given the vaping industry its landmark product with one of the most sturdy builds ever.

Before we move on to discussing whether or not the DaVinci IQ vaporizer is totally worth it or not given its higher than usual price, let’s first begin by scrolling through its most basic product features (as mentioned below):


Basic features of DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

  1. Warranty 10-year warranty
  2. Heating type Conduction
  3. Battery type/ replacement 3500 mah battery (USB charger) / Yes
  4. Recharge time 180 minutes
  5. Auto Shut-off  10 minutes

  1. Dimensions 1.65" width X 3.54" length
  1. Bowl size 0.3 grams
  1. Temp settings Manual temperature control
  1. Temp range 250f - 430 f
  1. Light display 51 LED Light Display

Why choose Davinci Iq Vaporizer?

  1. The DaVinci IQ vaporizer effectively puts to use the latest smart path technology for customizing the vaping experience.
  2. The ceramic zirconia air path in the DaVinci IQ brings in intense flavor experiences for the users. 
  3. DaVinci IQ vaporizer is highly customizable and can be tailored as per user needs.
  4. It is super portable, easy to store, and can be used easily.
  5. It scores 10/10 for its great looks, built, and overall design. 
  6. In terms of quality and flavor of smokes/vapes, it is a must-try to know-it-all. 
  7. Quality and Durability remain its most preferred features. 
  8. The zirconia pearl in its oven chamber is specifically applauded for ensuring even heat distribution by maintaining a consistent temperature while vaping. 
  9. It comes with a removable battery which makes it highly suitable for portable uses, such as for traveling.
  10. The modern design of the mouthpieces ensures that the vape is cool that will not be harsh on inhaling. 

A not-to-ignore design of the latest DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ is already considered one of the most ergonomically designed vaporizers in the industry today. 

  • Interior:
    Definitely the best lighting among the competitor brands, the DaVinci IQ is also considered the most advanced hybrid of ‘convection and conduction.

  • Exterior:
    The DaVinci IQ also has a sleeker brushed aluminum outer body that makes it a high-grade vaping product. The high-quality outer body also allows for haptic vibration (yes, that is right! It buzzes and vibrates too!). It is also equipped with a high-quality grip for portable usage. 
  • Technology:
    The use of Smart paths technology enables high-level customization of most features. For instance, features such as temperature, battery to be used while vaping and a lot of others can be effectively managed. 
  • Box components
    DaVinci IQ vaporizer comes with plenty of extra goodies in the box - vape, USB charging cable, 3 alcohol wipes, chimney brush, herb funnel, adapter. 

All in all, this is a compact yet classy, modern-day vaporizer with a high-tech build that enhances the vaping experience multifold. 

10 key differentiators that make DaVinci IQ superior to its competing products

The DaVinci IQ is for all good reasons considered the topmost herb vaping product for being all that it is - advanced, superior, and portable.

Here's a list of 10 not-to-miss factors that indicate why this product is highly recommendable by a majority of users:

  1. Flavor Chamber/Storage Chamber, which allows zero wastage 
  2. 360 Conduction Heating, making it highly cost-effective in the long run 
  3. 1-hour+ battery usage per vaping session
  4. 3 modes for different types of vaping - Smart Path, Precision, and Boost
  5. Option to fine-tune, and pair your device with your Bluetooth device/phone (by downloading the app through apple and/or android
  6. Removable battery which gives about 80 to 90 minutes usage from a single charged battery (the actual battery life depends on the chosen temperature) 
  7. Highly customizable
  8. Smart Paths Technology
  9. 10 Year Warranty, making it a leader across the vaping industry 
  10.  4 Pre-set temperature settings for optimal usage 


The DaVinci IQ is a great-looking, high-performing vape that scores high on its functional ability, components/materials used, battery life, and exceptional vaping experience. It is in fact, a beautifully built vape that is jam-packed with high-end features. At a premium price of $274.99, this latest and by far, the best model from DaVinci is surely a win-win purchase.

Our vote: Despite being a semi-luxurious buy, it is still totally worth it and highly recommendable! High on customization, tech-driven features, portable usage, and vaping flavor/quality, the latest DaVinci IQ vaporizer can be your perfect next purchase.

What’s even better? It comes with a 10-year, industry-leading warranty as well. It has created a very well-deserved hype with its phenomenal characteristics and upmarket vaping transformations. Indeed, a smart vaping experience for every veteran or newbie tech-savvy, health-conscious, and up-to-the-date smoker!

Where to buy your DaVinci IQ Vaporizer from?

If you are looking to buy the latest DaVinci IQ vape at the most attractive price, you have landed at just the right place. So what are you waiting for? Make the most of the latest Smart Paths technology and try out the most unique vaping experience, right away here!

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