Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer Review - Is It Worth Trying?

Vaping devices, also known as vaporizers and e-cigarettes, are battery-operated devices used to inhale aerosol, which mostly contains nicotine and flavorings. With time, vaporizers have gained immense popularity. 


Vaping not only controls nicotine intake but is also safer than smoking. If you are also looking for a vaporizer, one of the options worth considering is the Arizer V Tower vaporizer. The brand has made Canadian vaporizers famous all across the globe. But what's so special about the V-Tower? Find out in this article. 

Arizer V-Tower Vaporizer Review 


Arizer V Tower vaporizer is one of the most popular stationary vaporizers. It gives excellent quality at a relatively low price. With its sleek chrome finish and user-friendly interface, along with next-level vapor quality, it cannot be more impressive. 


Besides, its 4 function buttons allow you to switch up the temperature between 50°C to 260°C, making you get most of the herbs in the chamber. The vaporizer is compatible with dry herbs, but you can also use it as a diffuser for aromatic herbs. 


The package includes 1 V-Tower, 1 - 3 foot whip, a glass cyclone bowl, glass Potpourri dish, a screen pack, a glass-stirring tool, a power cord, an owner's manual, and a potpourri sample. Besides, it is backed by a lifetime warranty on the heating element and a 3-year warranty on manufacturer defects. 


If we speak of this vaporizer design, it is less complex compared to the Extreme Q desktop vaporizer. The major difference between the V-Tower and the Extreme Q is that V-Tower is a whip-only vape, while the Extreme Q can utilize both whips and balloons. 


The V-Tower looks very identical to the Extreme Q and features the same cylindrical body atop a flat disc. It also features a display screen and controls at the body's base. 


The vaporizer has a stainless steel finish as compared to the glossy back finish of the Extreme Q. However, both vapes share an impressive build quality as both have a solid build using high-quality materials. Since the V-Tower is a simple and uncomplicated device, it contains fewer accessories and components, making the assembly quick and easy. 


The vaporizer takes up to 5 minutes to reach a high-temperature setting, heating up rather slowly. Indeed, it takes a while, but that is common to whip-style desktop vapes. Since its body stays cool while heating up, it is always safe to handle. 


The vaporizer takes 4-7 minutes to heat up to 250 degrees. This is the industrial standard for whip-style vaporizers. The unit is also easy to fill and disassemble after use. Users can also vaporize some Potpourri in the Potpourri bowl by using the automatic cool-down setting. 

Vapor Quality 

Undoubtedly, the vaporizer has excellent vapor quality. It provides excellent vapor with good consistency and a nice flavor. The best part about this vaporizer is that it has a high-quality ceramic heating element and glass elements, which keep the vapor free from impurities. 


Its vertical glass-heating chamber is a signature feature of Arizer that ensures optimal heat convection. Also, the V-Tower has an excellent signature vertical airflow and glass on the heating chamber. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

The parts that require the most cleaning are the Cyclon Bowl, Elbow Adapter, medical-grade tubing, and mouthpiece. To clean everything perfectly, it is best to take everything apart. To do so with the whip (the combination of elbow adapter, tube, and mouthpiece), take a bowl of water and let it soak for 5 minutes. 


Carefully take apart the glass pieces from the tube. Make sure to check the screen as well because it experiences a high degree of build-up over time that results in poor vapor quality. Ensure doing this step as the vapor's sticky grime can force you to apply too much force and break the glass parts. 


Once you separate every glass part, soak it in an organic cleaning for a day, and then rinse it thoroughly. As an alternate, soak the glass pieces in rubbing alcohol and clean the tube with water. 


It is best to change the tube every two months but clean the other glass pieces regularly. Although inexpensive, tubes can make a big difference in taste. 


How to Use

Let's dive into the most important part now. The unit is 100% convection as the air that flows through the botanical is heated instead of the heating chamber itself. Vapor travels through the heating chamber to the whip as users draw. 


The Arizer V-Tower vaporizer has a temperature setting, allowing for a precise selection of temperature. You'll also get a Potpourri bowl to use as an air freshener. 


Here are some simple steps to follow - 


  • Load the herb into the black end of the cyclone bowl
  • Now attach the white end of the bowl to the device
  • Next, connect the tube adapter to the bowl 
  • Turn on the unit and select a temperature
  • Once the unit reaches the temperature, you can inhale from the mouthpiece of the tube

Final Thoughts - Is Arizer V-Tower Worth Trying?

The company engineered V-Tower with numerous upgrades and improvements. Some of its features allow better performance, high quality, and longer life. Also, the vapor quality of the Arizer V-Tower vaporizer is excellent. 


One of the best features of this vaporizer is that it allows users to set the exact temperature required, a feature most of the vaporizers don't offer. Plus, it's very affordable and doesn't feel like junk as other vaporizers in a similar price range. 


In addition, it has an uncomplicated design which allows easy assembling and functioning. It has a stainless steel finish and impressive build quality. If you are planning to buy the unit, make sure to check out Aromatekstore. They have a huge line of vaping products, including the Arizer V-Tower vaporizer. So when are you starting to vape? 

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